The all-flash storage OceanStor Dorado V3 of Huawei has blown us away with its performance and efficiency. After extensive testing by Tigron's system engineers we are formal: the Dorado V3 delivers what is promised. It is the very first NVMe all-flash storage that was placed on the market for commercial purposes.

21.02.2018 by Ben Sommerijns

4 million IOPS maximum ensure that you can reach up to 10 times more performance. We have tested the system and came to the conclusion that there is only a 0.4 millisecond delay and this with inline deduplication and compression enabled. Huawei promises 0.5 millisecond, so they passed the test with flying colours. Also by a data reduction of 3:1 you can get up to 50% saving on the TCO (total cost of ownership). Soon we noticed that the Dorado excels in reliability. Because of Tigron’s test environment we can promise that this NVMe storage can carry the seal of quality.


The Dorado all-flash storage has an architecture based on NVMe. This allows direct communication between the CPU and the NVMe SSD’S. Thanks to this technique, there is no need for a SCSI SAS conversion and data transmission is shortened. The storage also uses a disk controller collaboration algorithm which allows the data to besynchronized between the SSDS and the controllers. This is designed this way in order to guarantee consistent low latency performance that ensures you that the mission-critical applications always continue to work fluently.


Huawei uses multiple layers of software to create a high availability of its platform. Through the implementation of triple-parity RAID it is possible to have three simultaneous disk failures. It also ensures that all data is built up again very soon with hot spare place spread over all disk modules. Thanks to the Hypersnap snapshots is it possible to arrive at a point-in-time redirect-on-write (ROW) for a quick recovery of the data with minimal impact on performance. HyperReplication gives you the opportunity for a traditional remote replication to a standby data center and Hyper Metro uses a gateway-free active-active preparation of two storage arrays that balances the work load. This allows a non-disruptive cross-site takeover in case an array or a link between the arrays fails and you are assured of a continuous data access for the most important business applications.

Cost of ownership

By using inline deduplication and SmartCompression SmartDedupe Huawei succeeds to achieve a significant data reduction with the Oceanstor Dorado. You get a guaranteed minimum of 3:1 data reduction ratio, creating additional capacity. Finally, with the SmartThin provisioning  you havethe possibility to only use what you need and your to grow your capacity when you like without any disruptivity. 

Would you like to know more about it? With great pleasure we show you all the possibilities of the Huawei Oceanstor Dorado and we will explore even more of its possibilities.