Either the server is designed for virtualization, for a database or for custom-developed business applications; a correct sizing of the necessary capacity and performance is always crucial.


Do you need advice on your server infrastructure? Tigron has already built up a lot of expertise and know-how over the years.

How we will help you

1. Hyper converged?

Within the server market a thorough evolution is in progress. Do you still go for the classic server you prefer or rather hyper converged solutions? To give a conclusive answer to that question a good analysis is crucial on both your current server environment and the direction in which you want to grow. Based on that analysis Tigron configurates with your assistance the ideal server environment which guarantees a higher availability, more continuity and less costs.

2. Virtualization

Servers are becoming more powerful. Virtualization ensures that various applications can run on one server and thus ensures higher efficiency and lower costs. But what virtualization layer to choose? Tigron has experience and expertise with both VMWare, Hyper-V as well as KVM. Not the hypervisor itself is the determining factor, but what your environment needs.

3. Windows or Linux?

The operating system is the important link between your infrastructure and your applications. Tigron has experience and expertise in both Windows Server and Linux.

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