huawei all-flash

Just what is the Cutting-Edge Technology that made Huawei the No. 1 Flash vendor in the Storage Performance Council (SPC) ranking ?

If your enterprise wants to purchase flash storage or is interested in flash memory, you might have noticed that Huawei all-flash storage is ranked No. 1 by the Storage Performance Council (SPC) this year.

So what exactly are the “killer features” that put Huawei at the top of the SPC-1 ranking list?

 The industry’s only all-flash storage that offers NVMe architecture across the range

Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) architecture is the fastest storage transmission protocol in the storage field. It doubles write-request processing efficiency and reduces end-to-end SAS latency by 45%, helping enterprises improve service performance threefold.

 Three intelligent chips, enabling end-to-end data acceleration

The intelligent multi-protocol interface chip, intelligent Solid-State Drive (SSD) controller chip, and intelligent Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) chip accelerate front-end access by 20%. They shorten read latency to 80 μs (the shortest in the industry), and cut the fault recovery time from 2 hours to 10 minutes.

 FlashLink® intelligent algorithm, achieving a stable latency of 0.5 milliseconds

Huawei all-flash storage uses the industry-leading FlashLink® intelligent algorithm to synchronize data in controllers and SSDs. When value-added features such as de-duplication, compression, and snapshot are enabled, the system retains a stable latency of 0.5 milliseconds.

 Tolerates three simultaneous disk failures without interrupting services

The RAID-TP technology tolerates up to three simultaneous disk failures, while reconstruction of 1 TB of data takes only 30 minutes, thereby securing your data and minimizing downtime.

 Gateway-free active-active solution, facilitating smooth upgrade 

Huawei all-flash storage adopts a gateway-free active-active solution, allowing cross-site takeover and minimizing possible fault points. You can smoothly upgrade to a three-data-center gateway-free solution to achieve 99.9999% availability.