Cloud backup

Data is more important than ever. Data loss is therefore an insurmountable problem for many. In addition to a local backup, a secondary backup in the cloud is no luxury, but a necessity.

Cloud backup

Because data is your most important asset, our online backup protects both you and your data.
Without customer information, order information and/or product data, you simply cannot perform optimally.
Imagine that you lose a part of  your business data, as a result of fire, theft, hard disk crash, viruses, ... The consequences could be disatrous. 

Online backup offers the solution for all backup problems. It provides a backup for all your computers, wherever they are. The backup process is done via the internet to a remote location or locally within a Local Area Network (LAN). The solution works completely automatically, is extremely easy to manage and supports various operating systems. 

Online backup, the main advantages at a glance:

  • Secure backups without looking back
  • All business-critical data remain secured
  • Automatic backup, at a time when your line and hardware are used at a minimum 
  • Easy management results in lower costs
  • Plug & play 
  • Implementation on any hardware platform 
  • 24 x 7 availability 
  • Optimal support
  • Fast disaster recovery guaranteed 
  • Support for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X clients 
  • Support of MS Exchange and SQL 
  • Maximum security based on authentication, SSL and 256-bit AES encryption.  You, and you alone, have access to your encrypted data, even Tigron has no access.
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