Tigron ISO 27001 certified

Data is the new gold. Maximum data security is therefore crucial. That is why we are pleased that Tigron is now also ISO 27001 certified. With the ISO 27001 standard we can guarantee that your information is securely managed, both online and offline.

16.05.2019 by Peter Heyvaert

ISO 27001 is a globally recognized standard in the field of information security. With our ISO 27001 certification, Tigron shows that we meet all requirements regarding information security. GDPR tightens the data protection rules. As an organization, this means that information security must be maximized. A data leak of personal data is out of the question.

The ISO 27001 certificate gives our customers the assurance that we care about their privacy and handle their personal details with care.

The ISO 27001 certificate consists of a three-year cycle. We have now been certified for three years. Audits will be performed annually to check whether everything still meets the requirements. We will start a new certification process within three years.

Tigron ISO 27001 certified